Get professional sales script templates, live sell with the help of a script reading tool, and coordinate real time live selling operations seamlessly.

Start live selling with professional sales script templates

Teleprompter makes it easy for you to start live selling with professional sales script templates that we created after studying 1,000+ live selling sessions conducted by top TikTok live sellers.

Simply select the template which suits the product you’re selling, customize it to your liking, and you can use it immediately on our script reading tool to start live selling.

01 Teleprompter - Edit Script

Manage multiple products and scripts easily

Edit product information and collaborate online with your live selling team to edit and prepare your sales scripts.

You can also practice and adjust the time required to read out each script segment.

02 Teleprompter - Adjust Time Required to Read Script Segment

Follow the script reading tool and coordinate real time live selling operations seamlessly

New to live selling and don’t know what to say?

Just pick a professional sales script that matches your product and read along while facing the camera. The script reading tool will scroll the script down automatically once the preset time is up.

03 Teleprompter - Script Scrolling Down after Time Runs Down

Communicate and coordinate live selling operations seamlessly through real time messages that only you and your live selling team can see.

04 Teleprompter - Message Being Sent from Operator to Streamer

Want to optimize your live selling sales strategy or better engage your audience? 

Make real time adjustments such as edits to the sales script, change which product to sell first, and even alter the order of script segments to match what your live selling audience wants.