Get professional sales script templates, live sell with the help of a script reading tool, and coordinate real time live selling operations seamlessly.

Start live selling with professional sales script templates

Start live selling with professional sales script templates that we created after studying 1,000+ live selling sessions conducted by top TikTok live sellers.

Simply select the scripts that you would like for various segments of your show. Choose from different openings, interactions, product introductions, and more to build your own template.

01 - Teleprompter - Outlines
02 - Teleprompter - Outlines Opening Scripts

If you have a product in mind to sell, you can also select a product-related live selling script template which suits the product you’re selling.

03 - Teleprompter - Product Scripts

Manage multiple products and scripts easily

After building your own script outline or using the AI Smart Script to create one.

Save your outlines so you can manage different products and scripts for different live selling sessions easily.

04 - Teleprompter - Home Page

You can edit and customize your outlines to your liking any time.

05 - Teleprompter - Script Details

Adjust product information, prices, and collaborate online with your live selling team to edit and prepare your sales scripts.

You can also practice and adjust the time required to read out each script segment.

06 - Teleprompter - Edit Script

Follow the script reading tool and coordinate real time live selling operations seamlessly

Ready to go live?

Pick an outline you’ve prepared and enter Streaming Mode to start the script reading tool.

All you have to do is read along while facing the camera.

The script reading tool will scroll down to the next script segment automatically once the preset time is up.

07 - Teleprompter - Streaming Mode

The operations team and host can coordinate live selling operations seamlessly, even while in Streaming Mode.

Want to optimize your live selling sales strategy or better engage your audience? 

Make real time adjustments such as edits to the sales scripts, adjust the order of the products to be presented, and even send messages to communicate with the host.

08 - Teleprompter - Notifications During Streaming Mode

Display the Teleprompter script reading tool over other apps

If you’re using the Teleprompter on the LiveChamp app, you can enter Streaming Mode and choose to display the script reading tool over other apps.

This way, you can pay attention to your live stream while still reading off your script.

09 - Teleprompter - Mobile View Display Over App