LiveChamp TikTok Affiliate Program

Get connected with our affiliate creators and increase your product promotion on TikTok.

Get connected with more than 1,000 affiliate creators

LiveChamp TikTok Affiliate Creator live selling in front of green screen

Our LiveChamp TikTok Affiliate Program (TAP) is an affiliate creator network that matches sellers with creators from all over SEA who will promote and sell your products.

  • More than 1,000 SEA creators in our network
  • All product categories including beauty, personal care, fashion, and more


To qualify for this promotional incentive, members who purchase an eligible membership will also need to accept and fully comply with the eligibility criteria and policies set out in the LiveChamp TAP Incentive Policy.

Lite Standard Premium
Incentive 1: Affiliate creator matching, management of product sample delivery to affiliate creators, and performance tracking*

*Delivery fees apply

Incentive 2: Promote one product to our affiliate creators through Perfect Pick
Not eligible 5 creators for 1 SKU, every month
(Valid with purchase of 3 months Standard membership and above in an order)
15 top creators for 1 SKU, every month
+ Sales report every 2 months
(Valid with purchase of ANY Premium membership)

TikTok Shops must:

  • Purchase an eligible LiveChamp membership
  • Have a TikTok Store rating > 4.2
  • Promoted product must comply with TikTok Shop Product Listing Guidelines
  • Accept and fully comply with the LiveChamp TAP Incentive Policy (please see full policy for more details)
  • Sign up for LiveChamp
  • Connect your TikTok Shop to synchronize your Shop’s products
  • Navigate to the “Affiliates” tab
  • Select “Contact us” to get in touch with our LiveChamp TAP team
  • Select which products you wish to promote using Product Score and how much commission you would like to give (with recommendations from our LiveChamp TAP team)
  • LiveChamp TAP team will generate the affiliate product link for the creators to promote and sell your product on TikTok

Unfortunately, we are unable to support this request under our commission-based model. However, rest assured that we will match you with the most suitable affiliate creator based on your needs.

In addition to matching creators, we offer tools and services for analyzing popular products, managing samples, tracking deliveries, and even sales data reports. Think of LiveChamp as an all-in-one platform for product distribution and promotion.

For our affiliate creator matching service we typically charge a 1 to 2% commission rate. You’ll also need to cover the commission based on the sales generated from your promoted products.