Product Score

Connect your TikTok Shop, evaluate your products, identify what sells best, and optimize your sales strategy.

Identify your best-selling products

Simply connect your TikTok Shop to LiveChamp and our Product Score’s advanced algorithm will calculate a score for each of your products.

01 - Product Score - Connect TikTok Shop To Run Product Score

A composite score (out of 100%) is calculated based on factors like:

  • Market demand
  • Price
  • Order volume
02 - Product Score - Trend Chart

The higher the score, the more likely this product will sell well on TikTok.

Get recommendations to improve your product sales

You will also get recommendations on how to improve your product’s score on factors such as:

  • Product information
  • Pricing
  • Recent 7-day sales outlook (based on number of creator endorsements and GMV generated from those endorsements)
03 - Product Score - Recommendations

With this information, you can prioritize your product offerings and improve your sales strategy.

Find best-selling products to sell

With Product Score, you can discover the best-selling products in your product category.

04 - Product Score - Find Best-Selling Product in Product Category
05 - Product Score - Product Detail

You can also identify the top Influencers promoting these best-selling products.

06 - Product Score - Identify Top Creators Promoting

And see which TikTok short videos are promoting these best-selling products too. 

You can watch these short videos for inspiration and see how you can replicate their success.

07 - Product Score - Watch Creator Promotion Shorts

With this information, you know what to do to improve your sales strategy.

You can:

  • optimize your product selling points on My Pallet
  • edit your Teleprompter sales script to sell the product better
  • join our LiveChamp community to connect with our network of affiliate creators who will promote and sell your products