Product Score

Connect your TikTok Shop, evaluate your products, identify what sells best, and optimize your sales strategy.

Identify your best-selling products

Simply connect your TikTok Shop to LiveChamp and our Product Score’s advanced algorithm will calculate a score for each of your products.

01 Product Score - Score products after connecting TikTok Shop account

This score tells you how well your products will sell on TikTok and is calculated using various factors like:

  • Market demand
  • Price
  • Order volume
02 Product Score - Trend Chart
03 Product Score - In depth look at scoring data

With this information, you can prioritize your product offerings and improve your sales strategy.

Find best-selling products to sell

With Product Score, you can discover the best-selling products in your product category.

04 Product Score - Best-selling products in product category

You can also identify the top 5 creators promoting these best-selling products.

05 Product Score - Top creators

And see which TikTok short videos are promoting these best-selling products too. 

You can watch these short videos for inspiration and see how you can replicate their success.

06 Product Score - Top performing short videos

With this information, you know what to do to improve your sales strategy.

You can:

  • optimize your product selling points on My Pallet
  • edit your Teleprompter sales script to sell the product better
  • join our LiveChamp TAP to connect with our network of affiliate creators who will promote and sell your products