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ConnectToCart Pricing

US$9.99/mo US$15.99/mo US$31.99/mo
Private domain eShop US$5/month US$5/month US$5/month
Link in bio product catalog Max 5 catalogs Max 5 catalogs Max 5 catalogs
Order management system 3,000 orders/month 10,000 orders/month > 10,000 orders/month
3 stores/marketplace 5 stores/marketplace > 5 stores/marketplace
US$0.05/additional order US$0.03/additional order US$0.03/additional order
2 user accounts 6 user accounts > 6 user accounts
[Add-On] Affiliate Creator-Shop Matching Service US$100/campaign

ConnectToCart Exclusive Launch Promo*

Sign up by 31 December 2023 and be part of our initial launch to get access to ConnectToCart

  • Free for the first 6 months
  • 1 x non-exclusive live selling on TikTok (2 hours)
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LiveChamp Membership Pricing

Lite Standard Premium
FREE starts at US$70/mo starts at US$200/mo
Start live selling better with our all-in-one live selling toolset Sell even more with enhanced tools Get exclusive access to ALL tools
Score your products to see what sells best (One-time access) Monthly Weekly
Find relevant best selling products For one SKU
(One-time access)
For all SKUs For all SKUs
Best selling products trending on TikTok Monthly update

Full list without product details
Monthly update

Full list with product details
Weekly update

Full list with product details
Suppliers with better prices and quality products
Short term loans for product procurement
Professional sales script templates
All Teleprompter features
(outline creator & real time collaboration)
AI-assisted sales script creator
(choose from different styles)
Up to 3 scripts for 1 SKU
(One-time access)
Up to 3 scripts for every SKU
Up to 5 scripts for every SKU + Customizable keywords
Product catalogs & script sharing
Edit Teleprompter script on mobile app
View livestream feed when using Teleprompter on mobile app
Live selling tips & courses Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Exclusive events to network with successful live sellers Pay-to-access Unlimited access Unlimited access
Teams you can create
(max 20 members per team)
1 2 5

Do you offer discounts or free trials?

Our Lite membership allows you to try our tools and resources for free, however the access is limited so we highly recommend going for a paid membership. For paid memberships, we do offer a slight discount if you choose a 3 monthly, 6 monthly, or annual plan.