AI Smart Script

Go from product information to customized live selling script with just a few inputs.

Tell the AI script generator what you need

Provide information such as:

  • Discounts and benefits
  • Product description or unique selling point
  • Prompts for your ideal script
01 AI Smart Script - Fill in prompts and product information

Choose the concept you like. Want something straightforward? Concise & clear should do it. Want to create a more interactive sales pitch to engage with your audience? Choose Interaction.

02 AI Smart Script - AI generator in progress

You can always tweak the results and then save the scripts you like.

03 AI Smart Script - Script generated

Start live selling with Teleprompter

Now that you have your customized script, open it in LiveChamp’s Teleprompter, go on TikTok LIVE and follow the script to start live selling.

05 AI Smart Script - Using in Teleprompter

Share your scripts with one click

Want to share your scripts with your team?

Use AI Smart Script’s one click distribution function to share your script through an image with a QR code or a link.

06 AI Smart Script - Share script