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LiveChamp is a TikTok Shop Partner and live selling enabler.

Optimize your TikTok Shop revenue growth by connecting with our vast network of affiliate creators.

Supercharge your TikTok marketing strategy with our live selling tools.



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LiveChamp is a subsidiary of Ninja Van and an official TikTok Shop Partner.

We match Sellers with our vast network of Influencers to run dedicated campaigns that increase product sales on TikTok and promote brand awareness.

For Influencers, our live selling tools help you to find out what sells best and assist you to create live selling content. Get matched with reputable Sellers who carry high commission products. Create more, sell more, and earn more with LiveChamp.

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Live Selling Tools

Identify what sells best and improve your sales strategy.

Go from product info to script with just a few inputs.

Simplify product management & promotion.

Get professional script templates & a script reading tool.

Get weekly updates on products trending on TikTok.

Discover popular products with high commissions.