Shop Watcher

Track and monitor your competitors. Get access to their data, strategies, GMV breakdown, products, and pricing—without complicated processes or tech.

Go beyond your competitors’ TikTok feed and see how their content and sales are actually doing.

Track and monitor competitor TikTok Shops.

Top 20 TikTok Shops
See what’s the industry trend like month on month.

Competitor Analysis And Benchmarking
See their GMV and performance, discover best-selling products, top influencers, and view metrics for their promotional content.

Get Real-Time Competitor Alerts
Whenever they launch a new product or release a viral short video.

Shop Watcher - Overview of Shop Info

Monitor GMV trends and discover peak selling times.

Monitor Category GMV Growth & Optimal Live Selling Times
Track your product category’s MoM GMV growth and identify the best days and times for live selling.

Identify Top Sub-Categories & Their Sales Trends
Analyze MoM trends in sub-category GMV and identify top-performing sub-categories.

Compare Sub-Category Trends & Identify Best-Selling Months
Compare MoM trends across sub-categories and pinpoint the best-selling months for each.

Shop Watcher - Monitor GMV trends and best selling times

See how your competitors are ACTUALLY performing.

Operating Strategy
Get insights into their affiliate creator partnerships and primary sales channels.

GMV Analysis
Track their monthly & daily sales peaks and monitor ATV trends.

Best-Selling Product Analysis
See what are their top 5 best-selling, including details like price and total orders.

Promotional Content Analysis
Monitor promotional activities such as live streams and short videos, and identify their top-performing creators.

Shop Watcher - Operating strategy and content analysis

Discover winning strategies and add your own brand flair to outperform your competitors on TikTok.