TikTok LIVE Review Dashboard

Can’t understand TikTok’s data dashboards? We help you understand what affects sales, viewer metrics, and conversion rates. Identify patterns and pinpoint successful strategies to replicate your success.

Identify what is moving the needle for your TikTok LIVE performance.

Uncover TikTok LIVE successes at a glance.

Live Stream Performance Dashboard
Measure the impact of TikTok LIVE on sales revenue and overall sales target.

Product Sales Performance
Identify which products are selling and take action if CVR or product clicks drop.

Host Performance
Compare host performances to see who engages your audience and who drives GMV.

TikTok LIVE Review Dashboard - TikTok LIVE Performances For The Day

Deep dive and identify successful strategies.

Holistic Daily Performance Dashboard
Understand how your GMV, engagement, and conversions are for a specific day’s streams.

Easily Report Business Impact
See how host, script, and live selling strategies have driven orders and conversions.

Gain Deeper TikTok LIVE Performance Insights
Uncover interesting insights and double down on winning strategies.

TikTok LIVE Review Dashboard - Individual LIVE clip analysis

Discover what really affects your TikTok LIVE performance.