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Track how best-selling products trend over time, discover promising products, uncover top influencers and learn what kind of content generates sales.

Identify opportunities and confidently pick your next product to sell on TikTok.

Find winning products and forecast product trends.

Top 20 TikTok Shops
See what’s the industry trend like month on month.

Competitor Analysis And Benchmarking
See their GMV and performance, discover best-selling products, top influencers, and view metrics for their promotional content.

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Whenever they launch a new product or release a viral short video.

Trend Spotter - Hot Selling Products

Track sales, analyze influencers, and discover trending videos.

Product Sales Trend Analysis
Track sales trends and changes in name, price, commission and source of GMV generated.

Influencer Analysis
Analyze influencer categories, top performers, and their promotional methods for the product.

Popular Short Video Breakdown
Discover top-selling and most-viewed short videos from the past 7 days.

Trend Spotter - Track Sales, Analyze Influencers, Trending Videos

Streamline your product research and simplify trending product discovery.