A link in bio solution to direct traffic from any social media platform to your eShop product catalog

Seamlessly retrieve products from different eShops

Connect your

  • Lazada eShop via shop authorization
  • Shopee eShop via shop authorization
  • Tokopedia eShop via eShop URL
  • Sellercraft eShop via eShop URL


Note: Sellercraft eShop will also require a key and secret code which the LiveChamp team will provide

Retrieve your eShop products with just one tap!

01 - LinkToBuy - Connect eShop

You can also add individual products manually to your LinkToBuy catalog by inputting the product info, image, and price according to your requirements.

02 - LinkToBuy - Add Products Manually

Or you can also upload a spreadsheet of product URLs if you’re using the LiveChamp desktop app.

03 - LinkToBuy - Upload Excel Sheet

After connecting your eShop, select the products you wish to showcase to create a LinkToBuy catalog. You can customize the catalog name, product names, and upload your preferred product images as well.

04 - LinkToBuy - Create A Catalog

Use LinkToBuy to direct social media traffic to your product catalog

Copy your LinkToBuy catalog link and embed it in the account bio of ANY social media platforms.

05 - LinkToBuy - Copy Link & Embed

You can pin up to 3 products to the top of your catalog to allow shoppers to find and make their purchase easily, especially during live selling.

06 - LinkToBuy - Pin Up To 3

Reduce dropoffs and improve conversions with one-click ordering

After browsing your LinkToBuy catalog, tapping on the Buy button directs shoppers to the product detail page and allows them to add to cart and checkout immediately.

07 - LinkToBuy - Click Buy To Check Out

Automated tracking of catalog and product views

Track “Today Views” and “Total Views” for both the catalog as well as for each individual product to see how effective your promotional efforts are.

08 - LinkToBuy - Track Views

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